First post

Okay, So. New Blog. New Project.

What to write? I’ll start with the basics i guess; Hi I’m Niall. I like fashion, which is lucky since I’m studying it. Digital Fashion to be more specific. It’s different to what I expected. As someone who spent the last two years doing a fashion & design course at college, where almost every day was spent sitting at a sewing machine, the switch to a sewing machine idly standing unused in the corner of my room while my hands grace the keys of a laptop for the, god only knows what timeĀ this is, current hour I am researching upcoming trends and possible photoshoot ideas is a shock indeed. But a surprisingly pleasant one all the same.

And then there is the whole thing with this new blog. Technically it’s an assignment but I’d like to think it as more of a fresh start (ambit, maybe not as long lasting as I am hoping) for me to express me, my interests concerning fashion in general, and even one day using this as a platform to launch my fashion career. But for now this is just me rambling onĀ about the bits and pieces of today’s so-called fashion that I find eye-catching. Maybe you’ll stay and enjoy this blog or you can leave and find something that more suits you. Either way, I wish you a wonderful day and remember you are beautiful.


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