Fashion Icons: Young Thug

I know what you’re thinking. What’s a rapper doing on a blog that focuses on gender-neutrality in fashion when the hip hop/rap world is famous for it’s masculine and straight outlook. But this guy is different; Young Thug may just be the person who will revolutionize it all.

With his position as a mentor for VFiles, a platform for emerging designers, coupled with the fact that he looks better in a floor-length blue ruffled dress than thought possible, and that his stance on clothing is that “there’s no such thing as gender”, Young Thug is beginning to look like the style icon that could rip the outdated hip hop outlook to shreds.

People are already calling him the closest style icon we have to Bowie; and while that is a huge name to live up to, Young Thug is well on his way to do so. What he does next is well worth keeping an eye out for.


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